8 Weeks to Wellness Program

Are my habits bringing me down?

Did you set some New Years goals but have yet to get started on them?  Do you fall into one or two of the top 7 pitfalls of making new habits?

  1. Lack of planning and preparation: Without a little planning, good starts often fall short.  It really helps to get mentally, physically and emotionally on board before you start.
  2. Starting too big:  Trying to start eating more vegetable, meditating and exercising more all at once could seem appropriate but wear you out in a few days.
  3. Commit too much time: Trying to hit the 60 min workout right off the bat doesn’t usually go over too well.  Better to start with 10 -20 minutes and work up.
  4. Having no accountability: Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to hold you accountable?
  5. Neglecting to communicate:  Letting family members know your plans is key! Otherwise they could become your biggest obstacle.
  6. Not acknowledging successes:  Little rewards go a long way.
  7. Using disruptions as an excuse to give up: Always have a plan B and C because complications happen!


Don’t give up yet!

Forming new habits requires planning, baby steps and repetition to really develop.  If you’re ready to make some lasting changes in your lifestyle and diet, then we have a program for you!  In 8 weekly visits with Dr. Olivia Franks, take the time you deserve to focus on developing new lifestyle and dietary habits.  Whether it is loosing weight, getting in shape, lowering cholesterol, improving blood sugar control or just improving overall wellbeing and vitality, now is the time!


Dr. Franks will make sure your system is primed for success by:

  1. Assessing basic health parameters with laboratory testing and symptom assessment.
  2. Holding you accountable to your goals, and helping you create realistic targets and plan for success. 
  3. Optimizing physical function with supplements targeted to your health, lifestyle and current goals.

(Click on the image to the right for an example.)


How do I get started?

                               8 Weeks To Wellness Goals

Dr. Franks will meet with patients for individually-tailored wellness planning, an hour for new patients and a half hour for established patients.  This intake visit is followed by seven weekly 15-minute follow-up visits to problem-solve, coach and help keep you accountable.  After week 8, patients meet one final time with Dr. Franks during a transition visit for a final assessment of success (comparison labs, measurements, etc.) and creation of a maintenance plan. 


What is the cost?

If you have health insurance your intake and transition visits (first and last visits) may be billed to insurance. Non-insurance patient prices are discounted for payment on the day of service. The kick-off visit is $190 new and $126 for established patients with follow-up visits discounted to $59 each.  Non-insurance patients may choose to have their follow-up visits over the phone.


What else can I do to get started on my new habit? 

Check out our book list below to get you motivated:

  • The Power of Habit by Charles Duhig
  • PACE The 12 Minute Fitness Revolution by Al Sears
  • Whole life Nutrition Cookbook by Segersten and Malterre