Breast, Colon & Cervical Health Program

What is the Breast, Colon and Cervical Health Program?

The Breast, Colon and Cervical Health Program (BCCHP) is a funded through the Washington State Department of Health to provide low-income and uninsured/underinsured (high deductible) men and women aged 40 - 64 free or low-cost breast, colon and cervical health screening services.  Snohomish Naturopathic Clinic is contracted with the Washington Breast, Colon and Cervical Health Program to provide these services in our clinic.


How do I find out if I qualify?

Citrine Health manages the BCCHP program for Snohomish County residents.  You can contact them at 425.259.9899 to determine your eligibility. 


What happens during a BCCHP appointment?

The appointment begins by filling out paperwork.  Then you will see one of our providers (all female) for a comprehensive review of your health, including a clinical breast exam and pap smear (for women); at the end of the appointment you will be referred to the Comprehensive Breast Center for a mammogram.  Colon screening for men and women includes either taking home a Fecal Occult Blood Test kit, which you complete at home and mail to LabCorp to check for blood in the stool, and/or a referral for colonoscopy (for those who qualify).  


Are men eligible to receive services?

Yes!  Eligible men receive colon screening as described above.


How do I make an appointment?

Call Citrine Health at 425.259.9899 to see if you qualify and they will schedule you with our clinic.