IV Vitamin Therapy

****We are no longer taking new patients for IV therapy and will be discontinuing this service entirely on July 15th. Sorry for any inconvenience.****

IV Therapy is a treatment used to get a large amount of vitamins and minerals into the body for a specific therapeutic purpose.

Why do IV Therapy?

Most people who do IV Therapy usually fall into one of these categories:

  • They want to maintain or improve current good health
  • They want to treat a specific disease or condition
  • They want to prevent becoming ill

How does IV Therapy improve good health?

If a patient chooses to, we can test blood levels of vitamins and minerals and specifically create a protocol just for that individual. This brings the body stores to full capacity, thus giving vitality and resilience to all the body functions.

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How does IV Therapy maintain good health?

Many patients elect to do a sequence of IV Therapy while they are in training for a physical fitness event (marathon, swim meet, soccer game), or to help the weekend warriors recover from their exertions! Specific vitamins and minerals are administered to reduce recovery time and muscle fatigue.


How can IV Therapy treat specific diseases?

Often times, our body becomes depleted in certain vitamin and minerals that it uses to fight off infection or to rebuild itself after it has undergone damage. By replacing these depleted nutrients, we give our body its best chance to repair itself to the best of its ability. We have specific protocols for liver diseases, viruses and cancer support, as well as many others. These protocols are further modified for the individual.


How can IV Therapy treat specific conditions?

This type of therapy is great for someone with painful menstrual cramps, headaches, back pain, muscle tension and stress. Because the treatment is highly individualized, the condition can be uniquely and effectively addressed.


How can IV Therapy prevent illness?

Many individuals find that coming in for a session prior to flying or traveling helps prevent becoming ill en route or upon returning. If there is a great deal of stress, or a stressful event is approaching, it is much easier to get sick. A session of IV Therapy can minimize this effect exceptionally well.


Is it uncomfortable?

Most patients actually like coming in for IV Therapy. The IV is typically placed in the arm, and the placement is usually more comfortable than a blood draw. Once the IV is set up, you are walked to a quiet room with comfortable chairs where you can relax, listen to music or watch a DVD. Often, people say it is the most relaxing part of their day or even their week!


How long does it take?

Most treatments are diluted into a solution and then are given slowly over time so that the nutrients can be fully and easily absorbed into the system. In general, most treatments take 1 - 1 1/2  hours.


What is a Myers Cocktail?

The Myers Cocktail is an intravenous vitamin and mineral protocol developed in the 1970s by a physician at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.  It typically contains magnesium, calcium gluconate, vitamin B12, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, a vitamin b complex and vitamin C, but we can also tailor this specific formula based on your needs.


Why not just take a multivitamin?

A multivitamin is great, but the amount that the body can absorb and then use is much lower than with IV Therapy. This is why when you take a lot of B vitamins your urine will appear much brighter than before!


The reason for this is simple – a multivitamin must first go through the digestive tract and IV Therapy doesn't. Also, the amounts given with IV Therapy are much higher than what is found in a multivitamin. Because of this, vitamins and minerals can be used for a very specific therapeutic effect, much like a pharmaceutical drug.



IV Push: Magnesium - $60, IV Push: Vitamin - $116

Glutathione Push - $75 

Vitamin Cocktail Drip - $160

Iron Drip - $160

High Dose Vitamin C Drip - Ranges from $155-$215, depending on amount of Vitamin C