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OCTOBER 2010        


Staying Trim While You Trim The Turkey
Holidays, and the celebratory eating that goes with them, can be difficult to navigate, especially if you are trying to lose weight. 
What to do?

You have three options when you are on plan to handle a holiday feast successfully, and here they are:

1. Stay on Plan

Tough as this is, it is the most efficient way to maintain your weight-loss momentum. Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t have the yummy foods commonly associated with your holiday meal, but it does mean that you will have to modify where you can, prepare or bring your own foods to eat along with your family and friends, and possibly just say “no” to dessert.

2. Modify

This is the hardest way to manage a holiday dinner, but it can also be the most satisfying. Although you will be going off plan, you are moderating the damage done. What do I mean?

Stick to plan as best as possible, but with allowances for this one day. For example, instead of your lean chicken breast or cut of pork, you go ahead and a have a modest portion of the ham. Another example: eat a devilled egg, but get most of the filling out (or better yet, make them yourself without all the mayo, etc.), leaving just a taste of it. The egg white portion, of course, is good to go.

3. Enjoy the Meal & Get Back on Track

Really, I mean it. Eat as you normally do around the holiday table, and tomorrow, jump back on that weight-loss train with 100% effort! Here is where folks can go wrong: don’t eat the leftovers, don’t snack on the carrots tomorrow, and don’t nibble on the cake/jello/biscuits/etc. Leave them alone. If you are hosting dinner, great!  Send the guests home with goody bags!

Will this holiday eating affect your weight loss for the week? Yes, of course it will. However, it is a good lesson in weight maintenance. Remember, maintaining your weight after you lose it is more important that losing it in the first place. This principle of weight maintenance is that you should “eat clean” 80% of the time, so that you can have the flexibility to absorb higher calorie days like holiday celebrations the other 20%!

by Dr. Michelle Torrance, ND, LAc

SNC Warmly Welcomes our Newest Primary Care Provider!
With a passion for natural family medicine and specialized training in urological care, we are excited to offer our patients the care of Lakshmi Thiagaraj, ARNP. For patients without naturopathic insurance coverage, we are especially pleased to announce that visits with Lakshmi are billable under a traditional medical plan! 
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Iron Drip IV Covered by Insurance for Iron Deficiency
If you're struggling with iron deficiency, a relaxing iron drip IV may be just the boost you need.  Overcome your fatigue by spending an hour relaxing and replenishing.  If your iron supplement makes you nauseated, our iron drip IV is the perfect solution. 
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