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SNC Medi-Spa Open House

Tuesday, March 8th 4-7pm

Demonstrations, free skin assessments, food, drinks, gifts with purchase, product discounts and raffle!

Drop by for your chance to win a complimentary hot stone massage or 1 of 5 free cryotherapy treatments!

Do you suffer from painful urination or recurrent urinary tract infections?

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) commonly occur in the bladder and the urethra. UTIs are more common in women, the because female urethra is located near the vagina, making it easier for bacteria to enter to urethra and multiply. Sexual activity has also been noted to cause UTI/UTI sypmtoms in women.

If UTIs are not treated properly, infection can spread to your kidneys, causing kidney infection (pyelonephritis) or kidney damage. Recognizing symptoms, diagnosing, and early treatment can prevent complications. For a severe infection it is critical to start antibiotics to prevent kidney infection.

Symptoms of UTI can include: burning/pain with urination, cloudy urine, blood in the urine (hematuria), strong smelling urine, urgency and frequency of uriatnion. Cystitis, inflammation of the bladder, can cause pelvic pressure, lower abdominal discomfort, frequent urination, painful urination, and hematuria. Signs of pyelonephritis can include fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, flank pain (kidney pain). If symptoms continue after treatment, further evaluation may be necessary. Elderly patients can present without any symptoms, except for confusion and/or fevers. UTIs can also occur in infants and children.

E. Coli commonly causes UTIs, however other bateria can also be responsible. A urine culture is important in order to identify the bacteria and treat effectively. Risks for UTIs include: female gender, sexually activity, use of diaphragms or spermacidial agents for Birth control, (atrophic vaginitis) lack of estrogen from menopause, urinary tract abnormalities, blockage in the urinary tract, weakened immune system, and use of a cathether to help faciliate urination.

cranberriesNaturopathic herbs such as D-Mannose and baking soda can help to prevent UTIs. Cranberry found in D-Mannose keeps the bacteria from adhering to the bladder wall. Baking soda changes the PH of the bladder to alkaline, so bacteria doesn't grow in a alkaline environment. In addition, Food allergy testing, offered in our clinic, can help identifying irritative foods in your diet causing the irritative symptoms/infeection. Drinking plenty of water, avoiding bladder irritants such as caffeine, spicy foods alcohol, chocolates, and sugars can help.

Urinating regularly and not holding your urine can also help prevent infections. Urinating after intercourse and maintaining genital hygiene can help minimize infections. In women who present with atrophic vaginitis and no history of gynecological cancers or cardiovascular risks, vaginal estrogen therapy may be beneficial.

Patients with recurrent urinary tract infections or infections resistant to antibiotics can benefit from being evaluated by a urologist.

~Written by Lakshmi Thiagaraj, ARNP

Lakshmi cropped2Lakshmi Thiagaraj, ARNP has a strong interest in natural medicine for women, men and children of all ages, and has significant experience treating patients with urological concerns. She is excited to establish care for patients who need a primary care provider and patients who have specific health and wellness concerns.

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Botox&Fillers at SNC Medi-Spa

***Introductory Pricing***
~Botox only $12 a unit. Call for filler pricing.~


Monday, February 28th


anthonylarhsDr. Anthony Larhs, MD of MedAesthetics is a diagnostic radiologist/nuclear medicine physician with a special interest in aesthetic medicine. He received advanced theoretical and practical training in ~Botox and dermal fillers and is an active member of the International Association of Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine.

Welcome Back...Massage!

We are so pleased to be able to offer massage to our patients once again. Choose from the following, billable to Premera and Lifewise.

  • Therapeutic
  • Hot Stone
  • Pregnancy Massage

Pair massage with a skincare service for the ultimate therapeutic and relaxing experience!

hot stone massage

NEW! Medi-Spa at SNC

Services include:

  • Detox Body Wraps for Weight Loss
  • Full body exfoliation
  • Tinting & Waxing
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Physician-grade Micro Peels
  • Facials
  • Physician-grade Pigment Balancing Masque
  • ~Botox with MedAesthetics~

The skin is not only the body’s largest organ, but also the first lineof defense against environmental toxins and the a pathway to excretion of toxins in natural detoxification processes. We at SNC want to offer our patients high-efficacy skin care services and have selected as the most results-oriented, physician-grade, botanical skin care line in the industry:



DSC 4169With over 20 years of experience as an aesthetician and massage therapist, including in several in a four diamond spa, and a strong interest in natural medicine, Lori is excited to develop the Medi-Spa at Snohomish Naturopathic Clinic. Lori believes that the health and wellness of the body is reflected in the beauty of the skin. With all four children grown, she enjoys organic cooking, gardening and, when possible, time on the golf course with her retired husband.

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