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MAY 2012



Heavy Metals:

How they may be impacting you and what you can do about it!

I recently gave a talk on heavy metal chelation at the clinic.  For those of you who missed it, here is a short synopsis of some of the things we discussed.

Heavy metals like mercury and lead are becoming ubiquitous in the environment.  Each year 58 tons of mercury are released into the air from coal burning!  We breathe that air or it ends up in our water.  Fish then accumulate mercury into their fatty tissue and enter the food supply – especially tuna, swordfish, and seabass.

While most of us can tolerate some exposure to these metals, we are now finding out that heavy metals are affecting the cognitive abilities of our children in significant ways – lead in particular has been shown to reduce IQ levels in children by several points.  When you translate this to a huge population a five-point shift in pediatric population IQ means 57% less ‘gifted’ children and 57% more mentally retarded children. That’s a huge impact! Behavioral problems in children are also attributed to lead exposure.  In adults lead is strongly associated with infertility and miscarriages. The CDC, EPA and ATSDR have all agreed that there is no safe threshold for lead – meaning that lead is toxic at any level. 

Where is this lead coming from?  It’s found in high levels in fertilizers or soil amendments, in the air from metal smelting and battery production – waste from these factories are sold as soil amendment or fertilizer for there high levels of zinc.  Absurdly, they can contain up to 5% by weight lead!  California is one of the most polluted by these so called ‘fertilizers’.  This is a great reason to consider buying organic food whenever possible.

Other illnesses that can be related to toxic levels of heavy metals are: high blood pressure, neurological illness – early symptoms are numbness in fingers and lips – also includes dementias, depression and other mood disturbances, frequent illness/immune weakness, osteoporosis, and some cancers.

Heavy metals can be removed from the body by chelating agents.  Theses are substances that can bind onto a heavy metal in your body and safely remove it through the urine and feces.  The most effective way – both by cost and with least stress or harm to the body – is to remove heavy metals by a chelation IV.  These are safe and quick and can accomplish what would take several weeks of taking expensive supplements.  The testing for heavy metal levels is done by having a chelation IV followed by a 6 hour urine collection – so you essentially get one treatment just doing the test!

Especially if you are planning on having children – testing and removing heavy metals is a great measure to protect the health of your children and improve fertility.  Heavy metals and chemicals like PCB’s are passed to out offspring through breast milk.  So if you have the chance to do even two or three IV’s you will greatly benefit the health of your baby – especially his or her little brain and nervous system.

I also urge those approaching 60 yrs or even 50 to consider doing some chelation as a preventative measure.  As this is when many still poorly understood neurological illnesses can start – like dementia, Alzheimers and multiple sclerosis.

If you have questions about chelation or would like to schedule an appointment, call us at 360.568.2686.

Dr. Olivia Franks, ND


Fibrocystic breasts

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Come learn about this radiation-free alternative to mammography at our May class and find answers to these questions and more: Why is infrared mammography a better option for many than regular mammography? How does it work? Who can benefit?

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Thermography Scheduling

At your initial appointment, you will spend about 45 minutes reviewing your breast health history with one of our Certified Thermographic Technicians and taking six thermographic images, including three after a cold challenge. We send your information to IMS labs for interpretation. The initial visit is $225 and includes the lab interpretation fee.

You return for a lab results appointment two weeks later with one of our naturopathic physicians; this visit is billable to insurance.

For more information about Thermography, attend the next 4th Thursday class on May 24th at 7pm or consult our website beginning June 1st.

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