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JUNE 2012 



Sermorelin Therapy: Antiage or Rage?

Check out this recent interview with Dr. Allison Novins, ND in the NDNR (Naturopathic Doctor News & Review)!   


Micro-Pigmentation / Permanent Cosmetics

Here are some reasons to consider permanent eyebrows or eyeliner and the most frequently asked questions. 

Who is a good candidate for micro-pigmentation?

Do your hands shake? Do your eyes run from allergies so you can't wear make-up? Has your eyesight changed so it's hard to see to apply your make-up? Do your eyebrows disappear when you swim, excercise, or even work out in the yard? Are you an outdoor person that likes to hike, camp, play on the beach for hours? Are you tired of putting on make-up so you look ok enough in your own mind just to feel comfortable enough to get the morning paper or answer your door?  All of these are very good reasons to find out if cosmetic micro-pigmentation is right for you…

How is it done? 

This procedure involves an insertion of pigment into the shallow dermis of the skin. A digital power pen machine, equipped with a disposable needle cartridge is used for the procedure.

Is it safe?

The procedure is safe and sanitary. Everything used is properly disposed of immediately afterward.

Does it hurt?

Everyone has a different sensitivity level. Topical, effective anesthetics are applied before, and also during the procedure.

How will it look?

Communication is key when deciding on what you want for shape and color. You can choose to have it look like true make-up, or to simply enhance your best features in a natural way. Most women want a more natural enhancement of their best features. If they choose to be more dramatic from time to time, it’s easy to apply make-up right over the top. When making your decision for the procedure, I am happy to give my opinion, but the decision is ultimately yours.

Does it last forever?

Even though it's called permanent, it should actually be called semi-permanent. Because it is implanted at the shallow level of the dermal layer, the color will fade within a year or two. The amount of time varies to re-boost your color. To return to the technician that originally did your procedure is the most cost effective. For a much lesser amount than you originally paid, you can have your make-up totally renewed to look your best.

What happens as I age?

Often times our skin tone changes as the years go by. As was said before, the pigment is inserted close to the surface, so fading is inevitable. This semi-permanent ability is considered a benefit to most. As it fades, you can change the tone, width, shape, etc.

Free Class at 7pm Thursday, July 26th with Lori Bernethy, LMP, Aesthetician.  Come learn more and ask any questions you might have!



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Looking for natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals?

Chinese Herbal Medicine has existed for over 2000 years and there are Chinese herbal formulas for many of the health problems that people suffer with every day: insomnia, menopause, headaches, the common cold and flu, digestive complaints, allergies…this list goes on.

FREE Lecture: Chinese Medicinal Herbs

Thursday, June 28th 7pm

With master herbalist and acupuncturist, Jonathan Dodds, L.Ac., EAMP

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