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June 1, 2013


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SNC is excited to welcome Dr. Elizabeth Russell, ND to our practice!

She's taking new patients on Tuesday evenings and on Thursdays, and is slowly getting credentialed with insurance companies.

Drop by to meet her!


Dr. "Liz" Russell was brought up in Massachusetts where she completed her undergraduate degree at Smith College with a Major in Classical Studies and Minor in Chemistry while on the Pre-Med Track. As an undergraduate student, her passion for medicine led her to many opportunities including: studying anatomy at John Hopkins Medical School, summer medical internships in Boston at the Department of Teratology at Brigham and Women's Hospital and at the Department of Surgery at Boston Children's Hospital and in Chennai, India at Gremaltes Hospital. She then traveled across the United States in her pursuit of finding the best way of combining the art and science of medicine. She graduated from Bastyr University in Washington with a degree in Naturopathic Medicine. After graduating, Dr. Russell was the Intern Naturopathic Doctor at Bothell Natural Health as well as taught classes on health topics through Evergreen Hospital. Her passion is primary care medicine. She enjoys working with, educating and supporting children, women and men at every stage of life both as individuals as well as a family as they learn, grow and improve their health. Additionally, she has an interest in helping couples start a family of their own through naturopathic fertility management.

We now have 3 acupuncturists to serve our patients...

Welcome Back Jonathan Dodds, LAc!

JON   good pic

Jonathan Dodds, LAc is a licensed Acupuncturist at the Snohomish Naturopathic Clinic.  Jonathan earned his Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. He completed further training in Diabetes and Chinese Herbology at the Chengdu University Hospital of TCM in the Sichuan Province of China. Jonathan has undergone extensive training and specializes in the areas of Orthopedic Sports Medicine and pain management. Jonathan is also a highly trained Herbalist and includes the use of Chinese Herbs in his treatments whenever possible. 

  • Jonathan Dodds is accepting new Regence patients and any former patient.
  • Sam Weng is accepting all patients except those with Group Health and Regence.
  • Michelle Torrance is seeing new patients for fertility concerns only.


Being Smart About Aging Gracefully

By Lori Bernethy, LMP, CTT, Aesthetician

Aging gracefully pic1

As a skin care professional for 28+ years, I’m asked the same questions on a daily basis:

  • How can I age gracefully?
  • Is there anything to take away the brown spots on my hands and face?
  • What can I do about my dark, puffy eyes and the wrinkles that are getting worse, especially around my mouth?
  • What products are worth the money?

One thing I can tell you is: consistency is key.  We probably all have health related products for our skin and body that just sit on our shelves.  We make our purchases with the best of intentions and after a few uses, just don’t think about using them anymore.  Or if we don’t get the desired result with just a few applications, we give up on the product altogether!  I’m here to tell you there are great products out there that really do work, but they take regular, daily, consistent use and daily protection to avoid the issue from rising again.

Here are my best graceful-aging tips for you:

  1. Use a good topical anti-oxidant (high vitamin C & E) and an SPF of at least 30 each and every morning – even in winter.  Damaging UVA and UVB rays find us through clouds and windows all year long.
  2. Stop yo-yo dieting.  Fluctuations in weight stretch out the skin, creating looseness and wrinkles.
  3. Feed your face a healthy diet.  Take in omega 3 fatty acids from wild salmon and walnuts for anti-inflammatory properties.  Vitamin C from citrus, kiwi and spinach enhance collagen. And lycopene found in tomatoes and pink grapefruit protect against sun damage.
  4. Try your best to sleep on your back; avoid your stomach and sides.  Pressure on your face causes breakdown in tissues and lasting wrinkles.
  5. Avoid pursing your lips too much.  Good example: the use of straws can be very damaging and create lines around the mouth.
  6. Do not rub around your eyes, as this can induce hyperpigmentation (dark circles); the eye tissue is delicate.
  7. Being sleep deprived is a factor with aging.  It affects our energy, concentration and complexion.  At night our skin is in a reparative state.  Use a good night cream and you’ll get much benefit trough a difference in both pH and circulation.
  8. Invest in a skincare line with the following goals:
    1. Exfoliation through cleansing.
    2. Hydration through serums and creams.
    3. Protection through antioxidants and SPFs.

Although vitally important in anti-aging, a good skin care regimen should not be your ONLY goal.  A well balanced plan for inside as well as outside is key.  Do see a professional skin care aesthetician for advice, eat a healthy diet, get regular exercise, see a naturopathic doctor if you are having trouble sleeping and find healthy ways to take time for yourself to de-stress.  Have specific questions or need more information?  Call SNC at 360.568.2686 to schedule a free 15 minute consult with me!

DSC 4169 With over 20 years of experience as an aesthetician and massage therapist, including in several in a four diamond spa, and a strong interest in natural medicine, Lori is excited to run the Medi-Spa at Snohomish Naturopathic Clinic.  In March 2012 Lori became a Certified Thermography Technician and works closely with Dr. Franks to conduct all breast thermography screening.
Lori believes that the health and wellness of the body is reflected in the beauty of the skin.  With all four children grown, she enjoys organic cooking, gardening and, when possible, time on the golf course with her retired husband.  Lori welcomes all new patients.

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