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On September 10, 2013 the United States Senate

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October 7-13, 2013 as

Naturopathic Medicine Week

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Breast Health Month


Beyond Mammograms and Push-Up Bras!

By Olivia Franks ND, CTT


For most women, a yearly screening exam is about all the thought their breast health gets - beyond that cute new bra that keeps them lifted!.  Many ladies have heard of breast thermography; some may have even had thermography done.  To many, though, it remains a foreign concept.  Why bother knowing more? 

Thermography can help you prevent breast cancer!

How many of us go for our yearly mammograms, are told that it’s clear or normal and then put our breast health out of our head till next year rolls around?  Maybe if you’ve seen a friend or family member struggle with breast cancer and cancer treatment you think a little more about your breast health.  Or maybe you know that eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and organic meat and dairy products lowers risk of breast cancer.  And you exercise regularly. 

In my work with thermography over the past 6 years I have seen approximately 75% of ladies improve their breast health through the use of thermography.  While thermography is not a treatment it’s a very important tool in identifying if there are early signs of problems.

So what is thermography?  Thermography uses infrared imaging of the female chest to identify risk of breast cancer.  It is an FDA approved breast cancer screening tool that is 100% safe, 100% pain-free and 100% radiation-free, unlike traditional x-ray mammograms.  Who invented those mammograms anyway?  Certainly not a woman!

Thermography, or infrared imaging, was first used by the military in the 1950’s mostly for night vision.  Today the technology, which basically detects heat and variances of heat patterns, has much broader applications.  There are over 800 peer-reviewed studies validating its use and sensitivity.  Compared to a mammogram which looks for an anatomical lump – thermography is looking at changes in the physiology of the breast tissue. 

Physiology of the breast tissue changes up to EIGHT YEARS before a lump forms!!! 

This means that when risk does show up on a thermogram, it is a very early warning and, when headed, empowers and motivates a woman to take control of her health.  This is the part that I think is amazing.  If we see some risk I’m going to give you advice on what you can do about it.  We’re not going to just sit back and wait and see what happens.  Then, by taking supplements proven to improve breast health by helping the body to kill abnormal or precancerous cells, we can actually lower that risk!  Hallelujah I say!  Often times hormone balancing and dietary changes are also part of the treatment.  After all of your hard (not really that hard) work, subsequent thermograms will show you the benefits!  You will see the heat patterns balance and the risk level go into the benign category.  It is rare to not be able to get a woman’s risk level back into the normal range if she is able and willing to persevere and THAT is why I find working with thermography is amazing!

I invite you to come and try it for yourself.  The only down-side of this great imaging tool is that it’s not covered by insurance.  However through the month of October, in honor of breast cancer awareness, we have lowered the cost from $225 to $150 – a huge discount.

I will also be speaking more about this topic at Kusler’s on October 17th at 7:00.  Please call to reserve your spot!  More information about breast thermography can be found at

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