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SNC Open House: Achieve Optimal Health in 2014!

Save the Date:

January 21st 3-7pm

Join us to learn more about naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, thermography, heavy metal chelation, weight loss and natural skin care as we celebrate your health in the new year! All of our providers and staff will be available to answer your health questions.  In addition, we'll have lots to see and do throughout the clinic:

  • Classes
  • Supplement, protein shake and bar samples
  • Free Skincare analysis
  • Thermography demonstrations
  • Chair acupuncture
  • $5 B-shots
  • Free Blood sugar and Cholesterol testing


Give the gift of OPTIMAL HEALTH this holiday season!

Dec 2013 Raffle

Drawing will be 12/31/13.

Let SNC help you and yours Achieve Optimal Health in 2014!

**For every $35 spent towards gift certificate purchases, drop your name in our drawing bowl for a basket of Skinceuticals skincare products worth $220!**

Gift Certificate Ideas:

  • Vitamin B Shots
  • Bath Salts
  • Anti-Aging Facial
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Detox Kit
  • Detox Body Wrap
  • Breast Thermography
  • Acupuncture
  • Food Allergy Visit


Vitamins   LA Times Article

Are supplements really a waste of money?

Of course they are – if you are taking them simply because you think you should, or because Dr. Oz recommended one, or because your neighbor who has a similar health complaint as you takes it so you should too, right?

A recent article in the LA Times highlighted that the outcomes (when evaluated by death or decreased mortality from cancer) were measured from people taking multivitamins vs. those that didn’t turned out to be the same, the conclusion was clear. Multi-vitamins don’t work.

Where it gets sticky – and we have to be pay attention to this – is that the studies that they are quoting only relate to multivitamins, and no other supplements.  Also, they do not discuss what kind of multivitamin, the dosage or absorbability of the multivitamin, the population taking the multivitamin, the quality of the multivitamin, if there were other risk factors other than what was being measured, how long the vitamin was taken for in each of the studies they are quoting, etc. In other words, a lot of details were glossed over.

So here are some things to bear in mind. A supplement, even a multivitamin, should be taken because you are actively working on a specific goal. A supplement is no different than a prescription. You use it to fill a need or to push your body towards a desirable reaction that will improve your health or at least your comfort. When good quality supplements are used in this way, the results are measurable and provable. And absolutely worth your money.


holiday waistline title

By Dr. Michelle Torrance, ND, LAc

Holidays, and the celebratory eating that goes with them, can be difficult to navigate, especially if you are trying to lose weight.  It is especially disheartening to work hard all the way up to the holidays, only to regain what you’ve lost, and have to start again in the New Year. What to do?

You have three options when you are on a weight-loss plan to handle a holiday feast successfully, and here they are:

1. Stay on Your Plan

Tough as this is, it is the most efficient way to maintain your weight-loss momentum. Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t have the yummy foods commonly associated with your holiday meal, but it does mean that you will have to modify where you can, prepare ahead or bring your own foods to eat along with your family and friends, and possibly just say “no” to dessert.

2. Modify

This is the hardest way to manage a holiday dinner, but it can also be the most satisfying. Although you will be going off plan, you are moderating the damage done. What do I mean?

Stick to your plan as best as possible, but with allowances for this one day. For example, instead of your lean chicken breast or cut of pork, you go ahead and have a modest portion of the ham. Another example: eat a devilled egg, but get most of the filling out, or better yet, make them yourself without all the mayo! The egg white portion, of course, is good to go.

3. Enjoy the Meal & Get Back on Track

Really, I mean it. Eat as you normally would around the holiday table, and tomorrow, jump right back on that weight-loss train with 100% effort!

Where do folks go wrong? By eating the leftovers! That makes the holiday dinner go on, and on, and on. It brings your weight loss efforts to an utter stand-still. So, don’t snack on the carrots tomorrow, and don’t nibble on the pie, the Jello mold, the yam dish or the biscuits.  Send your guests home with goody bags!

4. Other Tips

  • Watch the alcohol – and even the non-alcoholic drinks! A cup of egg nog can easily have over 300 calories, 19 grams of fat and 34.4 grams of sugar! Eek! Trust me, it’s not that good.
  • Eat some protein before you go. Protein is a great way to blunt hunger signals. Although you may still over-indulge, this will help you keep it to a minimum. Some good options include a low-sodium can of tuna, ½ cup of cottage cheese or some scrambled egg whites.

Damage Control – Before and After

  • Before: Time your workouts. If you know you are going to have a very dense meal that has lots of carbohydrates (starchy foods like potatoes, corn, stuffing, desserts and the like), try to get in a really hard workout prior to eating it.
  • After: Do a little more cardio the day after – either a little longer duration or up the intensity a little bit. Try to moderate your foods for the day, eating just a little bit lighter. And don’t forget, most importantly, drink your water! And a little extra just for good measure!

Will the holiday eating affect your weight loss for the week? Yes, of course it will. However, it is an excellent lesson in weight maintenance. Remember, maintaining your weight after you lose it is more important than losing it in the first place. This principle of weight maintenance is that you should “eat clean” 80-90% of the time, so that you can have the flexibility to absorb the higher calorie days, like holiday celebrations, the other 20%!

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!    

SNC Weight Loss Program Now Prescribing Nasal HCG

SNC is partnering with Kusler's to provide nasal HCG to patients in the program at a lower cost than the injections.  Research shows that nasal dosing of HCG is as effective as injections and more effective than sublingual drops.  Still want your B Vitamins?  Put your cost savings toward a weekly B Shot!


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