"What a blessing it has been since our family started going here. It's been life changing since. Can't say enough good or positive things about it. Every doctor and staff member is upbeat, pleasant, respectful and truly cares about bringing natural and non toxic healing to the mind, body, and soul. I was the one saying 'I'd never try acupuncture' but after reading and hearing positive outcomes I thought what do I have to lose. It was my last option besides enduring more pain, deformations or surgeries. Acupuncturist Jonathan is amazing! He's very professional and knowledgeable. Just another life changing experience for me. Our daughter has never felt better even with all the sensitivities and allergies she has. Thank you for helping bring balance and healing to our bodies. Even though it was a hit and miss, you never gave up on us and getting to the root of the matter. We are grateful for your help and expertise as we journey through our daily health needs and complications."

5/11/2016 ~ Anonymous, Lake Stevens, WA

"Over the past couple of months, my feet became highly sensitive, often feeling like they were literally on pins and needles. Also, I noted my head felt like it was crooked and I had a lot of pressure on the base of my skull. I had seen my chiropractor but knew I needed something more. When I visited Dr. Thomas, he first ruled out diabetes and then began a physical medicine treatment. In just a few minutes he asked me to walk the length of the hall. I felt as if I was standing taller and walking straighter. It was amazing! I felt like a new person and the problem was greatly diminished. I look forward to follow up treatments when the new treatment room for this type of physical medicine is complete. I am so thankful Dr. Thomas has brought this new treatment to Snohomish Naturopathic Clinic!

1/28/16 ~ Anonymous, Everett, WA

"Before visiting Snohomish Naturopathic Clinic, in January 2013, I was resigned to the aging process; aches-n-pains, reduced flexibility and mobility, lack of energy, etc. Today I have no limits; workout 7 days per week, am fit/trim/flexible and have endless energy. The ND's at SNC put me on the right track to health FOR ME, taught me about nutrition, hormone treatment and provided collaboration with other practitioners. Today I live an active life. My sincerest thanks go out to the team that provides for my care at SNC. You guys rock!

3/27/14 ~ Jerry L, Arlington, WA

"Thank you to the office and to Dr. Franks for the positive messages...regarding my thermography report received a week earlier than anticipated. I will look forward to receiving the disc and report to review. My appointment, scan, etc., was a very comfortable experience with everyone in the office being very courteous, helpful and informative. With this issue behind me for now, I will look forward to making an appointment with Dr. Franks regarding a more natural approach to cholesterol issues, etc. Thank you.

1/24/2014 ~ BD, Langley, WA

"I am so impressed with this clinic- everyone is SO friendly, helpful, and dedicated to helping people feel healthy in mind, body and spirit. My first B-12 cocktail shot rocked my world!! I had energy and felt like I was 19. For the first time in a decade I woke up happy to go to work! SNC is the bomb!

2013 ~ LD, Everett, WA

"Good Afternoon!...Please pass on my thank you to Michelle. I believe my total for the end of this session of the program is well over 40 pounds and I was able to buy size 12 (I can't believe I can write that) clothing in the petite department of Macy's. Michelle was with me every step of the way and this journey has been inspiring. I can't wait for my next session and to see the transformation that it will bring. I have referred another friend to the program and she should be calling soon. Again, not enough thanks and appreciation to Michelle and the team. Eight short weeks ago my life was very different than what it is now, thank you!..I really don't know if Michelle knows what an impact this session had on me. She really took the time to help with the "mental" weight loss as well as the physical. Where else but Snohomish Naturopathic can you get what I was given (along with fabulous fashion advice on where to shop the sales)?"

3/25/13 ~ Roxanne P, Everett, WA

"I just wanted to send a quick note saying how happy I am with my service from Olivia Frank. I had been suffering from severe stomach pain since February 2012. After seeing multiple other doctors, I was referred to your clinic through the positive recommendations of several co-workers. I started seeing Olivia in June. Finally, this month, she has helped my stomach pain go away! Not only that, we are now focused on bringing me to optimal health. She is always willing to order lab tests to make sure I am totally healthy. She is very honest about costs and is very well educated about every condition. I haven't felt painless in months, until now. Dr. Franks has helped me to get past my current chronic pain issues and onto maintaining great health. Thank you!"

12/4/2012 ~ Anonymous, Marysville, WA

"I can'y say enough good things about the SNC team! I came into the clinic 6 weeks ago as a self-described mess: low energy, poor digestion, weight concerns, environmental allergies and pain from an old whiplash injury. Dr. Torrance and Jonathan were very caring and very smart about my treatment plan. After some dietary changes, supplements and acupuncture, I have more energy, am sleeping better, loosing weight, no longer taking allergy medication and am virtually pain free! Run, don't walk, to make an appointment at SNC!"

10/28/2010 ~ Sarah, Snohomish, WA

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